August 21, 2008

I'm Back!

Hello World!

Things have been, to say the least, mixed up. I am not going to talk about any of that until I have it figured out, and then, maybe, I'll spill.

For right now, my wonderful bloggy friend Gucci Mama, has tagged me. And so, here it is:

1---Soda v. Pop. Definitley soda. If I must make myself understood, soda pop.
2---Regular v. Diet Soda. Definitley regular, but only because diet soda makes me physically ill. So ill, in fact, that I can drop ten pounds in one day.
3---Diet Coke v. Diet Pepsi. Neither, see above.
4---Beer v. Wine. Wine. Beer is....a word I try not to say.
5---White Wine v. Red Wine. For the sake of wine? White. For the sake of the food? Depends on the food and the wine choices available. Blushes are usually a good choice.
6---Panty v. Underwear. Panty.
7---Thong v. Other. Other. Sorry, Michael, thongs just are not comfortable.
8---Silk v. Cotton. Uh, silk!
9---Boxers v. Briefs. Boxers...tighty whities are just evil.
10---McDonald's v. Burger King. Ew! Gross on both counts! Chick-fil-a.
11---Chocolate v. Vanilla. Chocolate!!! (a little vanilla rum makes a great chocolate milkshake, though)
12---Sweet v. Savory. Both. Can't choose, sorry.
13---Plaid v. Solids. Solids. Plaid accent if you have to have plaid. But just go with solids, it's better, trust me.
14--- Flats v. Heels. Everyday: flats. Dress-up: heels. It's called dress UP.
15---Automatic v. Stick Shift. Automatic. No desire to drive a stick...
16---Black v. White. Dalmatians...definitley dalmatians. They're awesome!
17---Cursive v. Printing. Cursive. Always cursive. Our third grade teacher made us promise. :P
18---Length v. Girth. Lengthy jeans, girthy (is that a word?) pens.
19---Butter v. Margarine. Butter. If you're going to use it, at least use the real stuff.
20---Paula Dean v. Rachel Ray. Oh, neither. I seriously can't stand either one. Alton Brown...definitley Alton Brown.

So, there you have it. Me in twenty choices!


Stephanie said...

Thanks for participating! Best wishes to you; sounds like you're going through some stuff. I've, ah, been around the block, so to speak, so if you need anything...shoot me an email. It's on my blogger profile.

Ross said...

Hi K8E, interesting choices. I used to not be able to stand beer, until I got used to it. Now it's nice :)