October 13, 2009

I'm back

I was trying to think of a snappy title for this post since it's my first in months, but I couldn't. Oh well.

So, to catch up: I lost my job to the boss' daughter-in-law in July. All of us were getting tired of seeing her get paid just to watch her own child, but perhaps I was simply too outspoken or overheard by the wrong person. The great thing? I've been less stressed looking for a job than I was trying to do that job and ignore all of the gray-area business practices that were going on. Like buying clothes for the DIL and granddaughter on the company credit card. And 'business' lunches with extended family. And gasoline for a Dodge Durango for 'business' trips. Okay, so maybe it wasn't so gray-area, but according to the boss it was her money anyway and she should be able to spend it any way she wanted, regardless of the things the business needed to stay competitive and allow employees to do their jobs correctly and lawfully.

Rant over. I really am glad to be gone from there, even if it does put us in a little bit of a tight spot financially. I've had a few interviews for other jobs, but nothing so appealing as the job I interviewed for on Friday. It's a receptionist position at a local family medical practice, and it would be so awesome if I got the job. Unfortunately, I'm up against at least ten other people. That makes it pretty likely that someone else will be just as qualified as I am, despite my being really qualified, and that person probably isn't pregnant. But I've been praying and hoping and I should hear something by the end of the week. If I don't, I'm actually going to follow up with this one just to be sure. I absolutely hate calling people for any reason, so that should tell you how badly I want this job. My main task would be to answer the phone (at 300+ calls per day), take messages which note symptoms and such, put the message in the patient file, and notify the appropriate doctor or nurse. The benefits to dealing with those patients? Working in a team environment without having every task be completed as a team, a matching 401k, free medical insurance (for me) and physician services (for me and my household), access to prescription samples, 18 paid days off per year to start, 6 other paid holidays, quarterly profit-sharing bonuses (which have been as little as $50 and as much as $1000), and $250/year for scrubs and shoes, all at a respectable rate of pay that is way more in line with the job description than I was ever paid at my previous job. A clear job description and excellent benefits and pay. It really sounds like heaven to me.

Speaking of heaven, my little gift from heaven is coming right along. We found out it's a boy (and there is absolutely no doubt) and we are naming him Wesley Joshua. The due date is Christmas Eve, and I'm hoping that he comes a little late because I really don't want to be in the hospital on Christmas. It's a little evil and wrong, but I also hope he comes late because this year is the year we are spending Christmas with Michael's family and I'd rather his first Christmas be with my family. Especially since we live here and Michael's family will see him and interact with him so much more. If it was something I had any control over I would really struggle with those feelings, but since I don't have any control I don't feel too horrible.

Anyway, along with baby come things like the nursery. Here are some pictures, I'll post more when we have some more things done.

So those are the major things that have happened since I last posted. I will certainly try to post more often, especially since I have all this time on my hands right now, but I also miss doing this. Wish me luck!


Green-Eyed Momster said...

Wishing you LUCK! The furniture is beautiful. Congrats on your son! Sons ROCK! Don't worry about when he comes. If he wants to be born on Christmas, this is only one Christmas out of all of them but please, I know this about kids born on or around Christmas, please make an effort to separate his birthday each year. Hubby's is on the 30th and he hardly ever got a cake. Sad, I say!
I quit my job last Monday because my boss has anger issues. Not just with employees but customers and Reps. I couldn't take it anymore. It was affecting my health. I'm still in shock. I stood up for myself for the second time in 16 months with her. There wasn't going to be a third time.
Glad you posted!

Me said...

I've been regularly stalking your blog, hoping for an update...and yay!

So happy your little guy is coming along just fine! I completely understand your wishes about him coming a little late considering the situation! :-) I am hoping my baby comes 4 days early so I get a 2009 baby rather than a 2010 baby...but we'll see, right?

Good Luck with the job search! Hopefully it's over and you can have the job you just interviewed for, but if not, I know it's because there is something bigger and better for you out there.

Have a great day! So glad you're doing well!

Stephanie said...

So glad you're back! The nursery is beautiful! And a boy! Boys rock. Well, so do girls I've learned, but you know. I love the name, too.

I hope you get the job you want and that things continue to go smoothly with the pregnancy. ;)