October 27, 2009


The thoughts for which I cannot come up with a full post:

I found out today that anesthesiologists are a humorless lot, at least when they're doing an anesthesia consult for the hospital here. Maybe it's because people always fall asleep when they're around. Not a whole lot of need for good bed side manner there.

I have a baby shower coming up this Saturday, yes, on Halloween. I'm very excited, and the theme is Pirates and Princesses. The best part? My eighth grade dance dress still fits, and it's kind of medieval-princessy so I don't have to buy a costume. :)

I know I'm seven months pregnant and am just starting to show, but I'm really sick of complete strangers asking me if I'm sure of my due date. Yes, I'm sure my due date is Christmas Eve, even if I only appear to be five months pregnant to your uneductated eye. Oh, you're not a doctor? I'm shocked!

While I'm sure my due date is Christmas Eve, I'm also fairly sure my son will come late just like every other child in my family has come late for the past two generations, so stop asking me how I'm going to handle his birthday! I will handle it in a way that he doesn't feel cheated, and it's none of your business.

I realized today that because my child is due on Christmas Eve, Advent will have a special meaning to me this year. I just hope I'm not so uncomfortable that I can't appreciate it.

The cold weather needs to make up its mind to stay here. I'm really tired of having to use the heater at night for a couple days and then the air conditioning for the next couple of days.

We got a new couch and I love it! It was desperately needed and helps my sciatica a lot, but my feet don't touch the floor when I sit on it. I'm short.

Is anyone really surprised that Baby Einstein videos don't actually make for smarter children? When was the last time you learned something watching repetetive sock puppet skits? Still, I wish I had some to return because I could use a couple extra bucks.


Stephanie said...

I had sciatica too; not pleasant! I can't believe you're only just starting to show! I looked like I was five months pregnant about three days after I had a positive test! Unfortunately, the annoying, unwelcome comments, suggestions, and advice will only intensify once he's born. Sigh. You'll get really good at snappy one liners and veiled insults. It's fun. I hope you have a really fun shower! Congratulations! This is totally going to be the best Christmas present ever, even if it ends up being a belated one. ;)

Beckie said...

I hate to say it but I am so glad someone is going through what I did! I was in labor and people were still asking me if I was sure I was in labor because I only looked 4 or 5 months pregnant. I don't get why people feel that they can spout off with ridiculous things when speaking to a pregnant lady. They need to realize death is right next to them at any moment when near pregnant people, LoL.
I adored Baby Einesteins. Not because of the so-called benefit to the kids' intelligence but because it gave me 15-30 minutes of free quiet time to myself. Loooved that! LoL.
Have a wonderful baby shower this weekend! I think it sounds fun and yet I'm totally glaring at you for still fitting in that dress, LoL. 8th grade for real!?!? Jealousy sings here thank you, LoL.
Happy Halloween!!!