March 8, 2010

Baby Monitor

I HATE our baby monitor. It only transmits when it detects sounds, and the threshold is WAY higher than it should be in my opinion. As in, if the baby is not crying the monitor will stop transmitting, even if it the noise which began the transmission continues but does not escalate.

When I am awake it's not really a problem because my Mommy Super Hearing has kicked in, and I can hear him no matter where I am in the house. However, I am getting only about half the sleep I was getting before he was born, so when I fall asleep I sleep very deeply. Therefore a monitor that only transmits when it detects a noise and stops transmitting if that noise does not escalate is not at all useful to me.

This morning I began searching for another baby monitor, and can find nothing in any of the item descriptions or reviews regarding this annoying little 'feature'. I can understand why it's not mentioned. Who would buy a monitor if the description clearly states that it only transmits when it thinks your baby needs you? Or even (more realistically) that it only transmits when it detects a noise?

So, to the mothers who read my blog, please let me know if you have a monitor that doesn't do this, and give me the model number so I can get it!


Gucci Mama said...

Here's a link to the description and "where to buy" of the one I have. Hope it helps!

Beckie said...

I have a Fisher Price Sounds 'N Lights monitor and am in love with it! I use rechargeable batteries with it as well so my cost of batteries is nada. I have a two story house and take my monitor everywhere with me -even outside- and can hear Ignacio breathing or crying perfectly. I get nervous every so often about his breathing so to hear him breathing (or sometimes snoring) is great. I have never had problems with it and I've dropped it down my stairs a time or two (ok, ok, try like 16 times) BUT! It still works perfectly, so I know it is durable. Plus it isn't that expensive. I got mine at Walmart but I know you can get it almost anywhere. Good luck on the search though and I hope you find the perfect one!!