December 23, 2009

Come on Wesley!

At my appointment this morning I was 2 cm, and Wesley was in a posterior position. The midwife didn't say anything about effacement, but I assume it's advancing as well, since she said I probably won't need to go in on the 29th for the Foley catheter. Here's hoping I won't need the induction at all.

She stripped my membranes again, so that might move things along more too. It didn't hurt as much as last week, but she said she was pretty rough, so maybe it just hurts more when your cervix is less dilated. Or maybe it's just the difference between midwives.

Originally I was dreading being in the hospital on Christmas, but now I'm thinking I wouldn't mind so much. Being in the hospital (or even in labor and waiting to go to the hospital) would mean I wouldn't have to go to Michael's parents' or aunt's house and eat wierd food and pretend that this is my ideal Christmas. So, I wouldn't mind being in the hospital on Christmas...or anytime now, since I'd still be unable/unwilling to leave the house even if I wasn't in the hospital.

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Me said...

Yes! Come on Wesley! We may have ulterior motives, but I promise, your Mom and Dad will love you just as much as if you were to come any other why not show up now??? That's what I'm asking my Lily. She should come now. I've decided as much as I'd hate to be in the hospital over Christmas, especially with two other kids at home, I'd prefer to just have her out!

Oh, here's hoping!