December 17, 2009

Induction Scheduled

This morning at my weekly doctor's appointment, I was still 1 cm and half effaced. So I asked if we could induce the week between Christmas and New Year's, and the midwife said that should be okay, since I'll be past my due date by then. She scheduled it for the 29th and 30th. I'll go in on the 29th and they'll do a 'balloon', whatever that is, which is supposed to make my cervix dilate, and then on the 30th they'll start Pitocin, assuming my cervix did what it was supposed to.

Now, here's what I'm hoping will actually happen: Wesley will realize that he's got a deadline, and, just like me, will work really well under pressure and finish whatever developing he has to do. Then, whatever happens to start labor will happen and I'll be in labor before the 29th. That would be ideal, but either way, the 29th (or 30th) is D-Day.

The midwife also stripped my membranes this morning, which was far more painful than I expected. She said that it could help to get things going, but of course isn't as effective or reliable as medical induction. I have felt a little crampy since that, but that's normal apparently, and not indicative of anything. It also seems to have disturbed Wesley, he's moving a lot more than normal, but I don't mind.

So...just waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting...


Rachel said...

I'm sorry things will be great, he will come before you know it, and then you'll wonder why you were in a hurry.
Good luck and Congrats!!

Me said...

If it's any comfort, I was 1cm, 50% 11am on 3/7/06 and Kate was born 6:44am 3/8/ induction or anything. So it's possible... :-)

I'm also set for induction on the 30th. It's 5 days before my due date (because I would not let my doctor change it, but only 1 day before if I had let him change it) but I'm currently 1-2cm, 75% which is the farthest I've been at the dr office...which leads me to have hope Lily will come early. I am more ready than I was with Emma and I was almost willing to do anything to start labor with her.

I've been having some contractions, but nothing regular...but feeling crampy and achy which also leads me to believe it (pretty, pretty please!) will be soon. Either way, it's kind of nice knowing the end really is in sight.

Good Luck! I'll be praying everything goes well for you!

Stephanie said...

You'll do great! It's going to happen before you know it and then this frustrating limbo will all be a thing of the past. It will be worth it. I would start taking brisk walks and doing some light exercise as that can sometimes move things along. Sex can also get things moving, though I just read your last post so I'm not sure about that one, but (and this word is REALLY hard for me to say) nipple stimulation can also get labor going. I just threw up, I HATE those words. Anyway, some suggestions. He'll come when the time is right and he'll have been worth the wait. Did I mention that?

I do have a comment in my head for your last post, but I have to go to BINGO with my GRANDMA right now, so it's going to have to wait the FIVE HOURS until I get back. Want to go to Bingo in my stead? Wesley will probably be so bored and feel so sorry for you that he'll decide to come early just to save you...;)

Take care and Merry Christmas!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

My Hubby's birthday is on the 30th so I'm hoping for that birth date.

Wishing you the best of luck with everything.

Also wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!