May 21, 2008

Tagged :)

Me: I've been tagged!!!! HELP!!! I've been tagged!!!!!
Kind Person on Sidewalk: Hey! Crazy tagged person! Just do whatever the tagger wanted you to do and no one will get hurt.
Me: Oh, really? Okay then. :)

What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was in fifth grade, probably dreading the end of school and making plans to see all of my elementary school teachers again as my first trip when I could drive. I realize that dreading the END of the school year makes me strange, but I always did. After a few weeks of summer and my brother, I was bored and annoyed. I wanted to be back at school with my friends. I also had this crazy idea that I would go back to my elementary school and see all my beloved teachers again once I could drive (I knew I would miss them and I can still name them all).

Five Snacks I Enjoy:
1. Potato chips
2. Oranges
3. M&Ms
4. Soft Flour Tortillas (plain)
5. French Fries

Five Things on My To Do List Today:
1. Cross stitch (more on that later)
2. Sleep (not likely)
3. Clean the bathroom
4. Go to the gym
5. Pray

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Build a bigger house farther away from Michael's parent's home
Give more to charity
Eat healthier
Have a maid
Travel the world
Set up college funds for my nephew, future children, and future nephews and nieces
Pay off all of my immediate family's debts anonymously

Five Jobs I have had:
1. Section Leader
2. Grocery store bagger
3. Grocery store cashier
4. Receptionist
5. Billing/Eligibility Insurance clerk (current job, it's not as boring as it sounds)

Places I have lived:
Atlanta, GA
Winter Park, FL
Kissimmee, FL

People I want to get to know better:
(yes, this means you are tagged)
Ross Dalgleish
Third Culture Kids R Mine!
Bottles, Barbies & Boys

Six random things:
1. I hate talking on the phone, to anyone. I will suffer it to speak with someone in my family, and sometimes I actually enjoy being on the phone with Michael. Otherwise, if I can accomplish whatever it is without a phone call, it will be done without a phone call. Apparently, I get this from my dad.
2. I play the flute. When I was in high school I would play around 3 or 4 hours a day (not including band class). Now I barely play at all, but am trying to take more time for it, mostly because I miss it.
3. Vincent Van Gogh is awesome!!! Especially his night paintings.
4. I was an altar server for ten years, from second grade to twelfth.
5. My house looks like a hunting lodge: no antlers yet, but it's literally made of wood and we have no pictures but wildlife and hunting dogs, except for the picture of the horses that hangs in our bedroom where I can see it as I fall asleep every night.
6. I have four bosses and enjoy playing them against each other. This skill allows me to avoid the 'it all rolls downhill' rule. Unless something is truly my fault, I never get blamed. :) This is part of what makes my job more interesting than it seems.

Me: So, that's it, I'm done? I did what the tagger wanted and now the blog gods and all of blog world is good again?
Kind Person on Sidewalk: Yes, crazy tagged person, that is right.
Me: Good, good...that's good.
Kind Person on Sidewalk: Yep, that's good. *smiles, nods, backs away slowly*


Carrie said...

Dear K8E, Thank you so much for not tagging me. I am not sad and I do not feel left out. I am grateful and my gift to you for not tagging me is a positive comment on every single blog you write for the rest of the month of May. Perhaps I will even go back and re-comment on other comments because I am so happy not to be tagged. Thank you in advance for not tagging me ever.

I have nothing left to reveal about myself. I have nothing left to even exaggerate about because, been there done that. Thank you.

Outnumbered2to1 said...

Okay, ten years ago your were in fifth grade? I feel so old! My daughter is almost a fifth grader (not that it has anything to do with anything but I'm shocked to be able to have a 5th grader).

And move away from your inlaws? Can I just say, Bwaa haa haa haa. Love it.

K8E said...

I did not tag you b/c I love your blog and would not want to interrupt your mojo, so, you're welcome. :)

It's not that I think it's possible to be several hours away, but 20 minutes instead of 4 minutes (yep, 4 minutes, on the dot, I've timed it) would be nice. Glad I could give you a laugh though. :)

SabrinaT said...

I will post my mem, as soon as I finish cleaning out my ears! You got me creaped out!

Christine said...

I hate talking on the phone, too.

But ten years ago you were in FIFTH GRADE? Feeling pretty old here...

Carrie said...

Thanks for the oh-my-gosh kind words about my makeover! I was so nervous about the "unveiling" tht I didn't even talk about it in advance because I thought I would wake up from this wild dream!

We aren't allowed to put that many stick people on the back of our mini van because it would obstruct the view from the rear view mirror and distract the people following too closely to see what the hell all that white crap was on the back window!

Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

Oh my your so young!

No wonder you had no trouble tagging me. I might as well have a walker and hair curlers next to you.
Yet with running in every direction I guess I did make myself vulnerable. (three other people have tagged me for other things also! I might just sit at the old oak tree and cry!)