May 1, 2008


My MIL is a very annoying person. My husband loves her, I tolerate her. Her unwanted advice and constant facial expression of superiority annoy me. Her many comments include:
"You don't know anything about art. I know about art." (Beauty is in the eye of the beholder)
"You could do that, if you want to be wrong." (Your POV isn't the only one)
"You're not getting pregnant until you're finished with school." (My choice, not yours; you are not my mother.)
"I could be your new mother." (Who said I needed a new mother? I like mine, thanks)
"I'm older than your mother, I'll tell her a few things." (Older, wiser, more senile, whatever...)

I didn't start this post to rant about my MIL, merely to point out how frustrating she is. Michael knows she frustrates me, and, like the darling male he is, he tries to fix it. He thinks that if we spend more time together, I'll like her more. While I'm with her, I grind my teeth, nod and smile. I don't ask her advice on anything. I never complain about my mom or Michael in front of her. After we leave, I try to leave all the frustration and anger on the doorstep of her hateful house, and not insult her to Michael, which only upsets him. This works for now, but I'm worried about when we have kids. I haven't seen any of her suggestions that work with her grandchildren, but she still continues to boss her 29-year-old daughter around, who has two kids of her own. Misbehaved kids, I grant you, but still. It's not like dear old 'memaw' is doing anything to help. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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