May 9, 2008

Other times

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in times other than our own. The Medieval era is the one I most often imagine myself in. I am drawn to the courtesies of the time, the simple belief in right and wrong, the acceptance of the Catholic Church as the authority of God (even when it did not follow God's will in the way we view It now), and even the power men had over women. That is not to say that I enjoy being dominated or subjugated, but simply that I envy the simple life that most gentlewomen led during those times. I never imagine myself a serf or slave, of course, simply because it is my imagination and therefore my choice what life I lead in that fantasy. If somehow given the choice to live in the Medieval era without a guarantee as to my life's station, I probably would not take it. But, if I knew I would be reborn, as it were, into a gentle household with parents who had love in their marriage and wanted the same for their children (as unlikely as that would be), I would jump at the chance, assuming it would hurt no one else and I would lose all memory of my life in this time. I know that the problems of that era (bad food, lack of hygiene, etc) would not be noticeable to me if I had grown up with them. If I could be in a household like that of my imaginings, I know I could be happy. There is no guarantee that my station would last or that I would endure no hardships, but it is likely that I would have no more responsibility than sewing suitable clothing for my father and then my husband, ensuring that there was enough provender in the keep for the entire household and some leftover so we could be generous with the local townspeople and serfs, seeing to the maids and their duties, playing hostess to noble visitors and bearing and rearing children. If more responsibility was expected of me, it would likely be simple matters I could bend my mind to without much fear of deciding upon the wrong action. And, being a woman, it would not be strange of me to ask an older woman's advice, or that of a man, if I happened to be involved in something that was men's business. If I were truly lucky, I would have my choice in who I would marry, and my choice would be given to me if it were not foolish.
This is the kind of life I sometimes long for. Simple, unburdened, and generally free. Being free is what I most long for. But has anyone ever truly been able to lead a life without some sort of hard responsibility? Something that seemed difficult and perhaps made them feel inadequate to the job at hand? If it is possible, I know many people who would take that path, and then where would we be? I do not truly wish to shirk responsibility, but I do wish my current responsibilities were more suited to my current skills, so I did not feel so overwhelmed.

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Carrie said...

I don't know what era I would choose because I am such a wimp. I like electricity and M&Ms too much to leave today.