June 5, 2008

Cat Painting

Yep, cat painting. See?

Ain't it great?
How much? Well, that depend upon whether or not you try to do it yourself. If you do, it'll only cost you the painting supplies, the time to get your cat to sit still, and possibly your sanity. If you leave it to the professionals, it could be around $15,000.
Doesn't it hurt the cats? Well, that depends on your definition of 'hurt'. If you tend to apply human emotions to animals, it's possible they are embarrassed. How would you like to have some guy walking around on your butt? Still, have you ever known someone to spend $15,000 to torture an animal? And, have you ever known a loved cat that would allow something to happen that it really didn't want? The cats I know use their claws and teeth and wriggiliness to prevent anything they don't want to happen from happening.
The supplies they use are all natural food dye and non-toxic peroxide.
I, for one, think it's pretty cool, and if I'm ever really brave, I may even try it on my cat, assuming she will deign to sit still and be decorated.


Carrie said...

Paint your cat and let me know if painted cats poop prettier.

Outnumbered2to1 said...

I like the butterfly mask on the cat. Man, I would think cat's would hate that.

insane mama said...

I'm with carrie, cause I am dying to know.
Cool pictures!!

TentCamper said...

Are you kidding me? That is so cool. I do wonder if you could paint a cat to look like another kind of animal....monkey, bird, leopard, chicken....the list is endless. or maybe like a human baby...so it looks like a baby crawling around. :)

Julie said...

Sucks but check out snopes, I thought it was cool too :O)