June 19, 2008


I've begun to feel bad about yesterday's post. Jane tries to be a good person, and we are all selfish sometimes. We all get into bad moods and we all just need to be understood sometimes. What she did was human, and I will not persecute her for that, because it is not my place. '"Vengeance is mine" saith the Lord.'

I have recently begun to try to understand that verse more. I don't believe the Lord is just referring to incidents where His people are actively harmed by those who do not seek forgiveness and do not know the Lord. I believe the Lord is, once again, showing that he will provide for us. The Lord will provide for our needs, earthly and spiritual, in all ways, according to His Will. Our only job, our only concern, according to the Will of God is to love and trust in Him.

Michael and I are to have a trial for our trust in God. His boss called this morning and said he no longer has a job. We have not been told the reason, but we are supposed to find out today. One thing I know for sure: we will not go without. The Lord will fulfill our needs because of our faith in Him, which he has also provided us with. Everything we have is from the Lord, and we need nothing else.

Am I scared? Yes, I am scared. But the Lord will provide, and I know this in my heart.


Ross said...

I don't really know the full story, but I'm sure Micheal will have no problem finding another job. Of course, I know nothing about him, but I'm sure he's a very intelligent person. I'm positive things will get back on track for the two of you. And yes, I'm sure God won't let you go without. Because I'm sure you're both very nice, decent people. That's what I've gathered from reading your blog, anyway.

Stephanie said...

Hang in there...this too shall pass. I am convinced that everyone has a season (or many seasons) in their life where the phrase "but by the grace of God go I" takes on new meaning. We'll pray for you and your husband. Hugs!